Pastor R. A. Armand

As The LORD raised up Joshua, promising to be with him as He was with Moses, so is He raising up Rahsaan Armand. Pastor Rahsaan grew up in the Chicago communities of Englewood and Roseland. He was taught early by his parents of the importance of “educating yourself” and avoiding the “street life” that would captivate many around him.

Rahsaan trusted Jesus Christ as Lord at age 16 and responded affirmatively to God’s Call to Preach a year later and began training under the tough tutelage of the Rev. Dr. C. A. Hill Jr. The Lord guided him to study and complete his Bachelor’s of Arts Degree at the prestigious Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.  There he was trained in the sciences of journalism and religion.

During his college years, he faithfully served Monumental Baptist Church of Chicago as Associate Minister. On October 1, 1993, Rahsaan delivered an old fashioned “trial sermon” and was issued his license to Preach. While at Monumental, he served in multiple capacities. His Pastor required that he cut his teeth in Outreach Ministry by preaching at the Chevy Chase Nursing Home of Chicago and The St. Charles Correctional Facility, St. Charles, IL.

After graduating Northwestern, The Lord opened the door for him to study at Trinity International University Seminary in Deerfield, IL., where he earned credit hours in Pastoral Counseling and Apologetics. Pastor Armand is pursuing the completion of his Master’s of Divinity Degree and has Doctoral work in his sights for the near future.

Officers of The National Baptist Convention sought Reverend Armand to teach in the Congress of Christian Education in 2001. He taught for two years and was quickly promoted to Assistant to the Director of the Youth Division and made one of four Lecturers in the division. He made Convention history having become the youngest Lecturer to ever serve that division– at the age of 26. In 2003 Reverend Armand was ordained and called to serve as Youth Minister of the Nineteenth Street Baptist Church of Philadelphia under Pastor Charles Walker.

In March 2007, Reverend Rahsaan accepted the call to become Pastor of Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church of Clarksburg, WV. Some argue that the uniqueness of this young Man of God lies in his determination to press his way through the toughest circumstances. Perhaps this was demonstrated in September 2007, 4 months after being installed as Pastor, when Rahsaan stood to Preach The Home-Going Sermon of his beloved mother who had been found brutally murdered in Chicago. The next day he was back to Preach at Mt. Zion. As Pastor, he has encouraged The Saints through counseling and life-coaching. As one parishioner puts it, “his Ministry has encouraged us to be the best we can for God.” He has aimed to accomplish this through Sunday and Mid-Week Worship, workshops and conferences.

Reverend Armand is a firm believer in educating the Church in the “knowledge of His Will through all wisdom and understanding,” Colossians 1:9. He is always looking for new and exciting ways to worship and serve The Lord Jesus. As your Pastoral prospect, Reverend Armand will be a life-long student of God’s Word. He hopes offer service to your congregation that will smell sweet in the nostrils of Our God. He desires to have outreach to those who have been beat up by life. His ministry motto is adopted from Matthew 25:31-45 – “Getting Our Hands Dirty For Jesus.”

June 25, 2011, Pastor Rahsaan made Convention history again when he proposed center stage to the love of his life, Anita Johnson of West Virginia. They Married in Chicago, May 13, 2011and are praying for stability in Ministry to know when to begin adding to the family.

This Man of God will prove to be one who is unwavering in his convictions of The Bible, uncompromising in his Faith in Jesus and unashamed of The Gospel he Preaches! His life verse is John 14:1; “Let not your heart be troubled; ye believe in God, believe also in me.”